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I bought a defective swimsuit from The Orchid Boutique, Miami, Florida on-line. I mailed the swimsuit back for a refund, and the only thing they will offer is to refund me for the top only $125 and return the bottom (no good that does me), or replace the top and return the original bottom.

I wore the swimsuit once, the beading fell off and the material frayed. I do not want another swimsuit that has this potential. I spent $209 on the swimsuit and would expect a high quality suit and high quality customer service. I've received neither!

I can't talk to any one there besides through email. No one there has the common courtesy to call to make matters right, nor will they refund me my money in full!

Do not shop hear! They are more concerned about making a buck rather than satisfying their customers!

Monetary Loss: $209.

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