Just call me Web Camim. I'm so frustrated by the lack of professionalism this so called legitimate online shopping company has shown me.

The service I received was horrible. I ordered a swimsuit. The first problem is it arrived late. The second problem, it was nothing like the picture.

It was a cheap looking rip off of the swimsuit I thought I was buying. My situation got worse when I tried it on. The swimsuit didn't fit. I called customer service.

Customer service tried to make me think I ordered the wrong suit and size by mistake. The problem is that I did NOT get what I ordered. I felt like customer service was intentionally trying to upset me to the point of just giving up and accepting the defected swimsuit. I asked to repeatedly to speak with another customer service agent.

When I finally did get transferred to someone else, that person was more rude than the first. Customer service made it clear that I wasn't getting a refund and if I wanted to return the swimsuit, I would have to pay for the shipping in addition to a restocking fee that would be charged to my credit card. I ask to speak to management. Customer service kept telling me management wasn't there and the only way to settle this is through them.

After 45 minutes of being transferred from one customer service rep to another, I was disconnected. I had to call back and start all over again. This happened 2 more times. I'm writing this review to warn others that you don't get what you pay for and they do everything to hinder you from returning the defective swimsuit.

If they do allow you to return it, you will have to pay them to take it back. Don't shop here.

You will be disappointed with the swimsuit, lack of customer service, and the difficulty they make it to return the swimsuit. Don't waste your time and money.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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