Tucker, Georgia
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Pissed Consumer is not a strong enough description of how I feel about Orchid Boutique... I am a returning customer, second time only (thank god) and will never order from them again, even if my order meant a cure for cancer...and i am quite the humanitarian!

They have the worst customer service. They lie about Fedex claims. They will not refund your money even if you did not receive your initial shipment and reordered from them for the same exact item and let them re-charge your credit card! They double book profits on Fedex claims.

They don't know who owns their business. They refuse to give you any information on the next level of management to contact for appropriate resolution. They have no idea what customer service is. Their idea of customer service is the customers doing all of the work!

And let me address someone specifically - Mayra. Oh goodness, where do I start? She is the most argumentative person you have ever met or spoke to in my case. You will not get a word in and she does not care at all about the customer.

I spoke w/Mayra(who claimed she was a manager) and she refused to give me her next leveI of management. I find it very interesting that their is another very recent complaint on this company for similar issues and Mayra is the one who responded to it and claimed she is the owner... BUYER BEWARE!!!

Next stop, the BBB. That is if they are even a member...

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